Annual Planning Conference Presentations

2019 Conference Presentations

Monday, April 29, 2019

Education Session: Community Economic Development – Building Your Strengths for a Better Tomorrow- Part 1

Education Session: Community Economic Development – Building Your Strengths for a Better Tomorrow- Part 2          

Keynote: 5 Ways to Create the Exceptional

Session 1A: Data Waking and Talking: Strengthening Red Deer’s Sustainability Planning and Environmental Master Plan

Session 1B:  The Influence of Wetlands on Municipal Planning

Session 2A: Developing Affordable Rural Housing as a Standard – Rural Economic Development and Community Building 

Session 2B: Leading from the Middle: Intersecting and Bridging the Gap Between Community Building and Politics

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Session 3A: The Financial Implications of Growth  Special Focus on Intensification

Session 3B: Striving Towards Consensus: The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board

Session 4A: The Death and Life of Public Engagement: Successful Methods In Meaningful Rural Engagement

Session 4B: IPD 101 An Introduction to Integrated Project Delivery

Session 5A: Estimating Rural Homelessness for Rural Economic Development and Community Building 

Session 5B: Business as Unusual: Economic Development & Planning in Small 

Session 6A: The Affordable Housing Conundrum

Session 6B: Linking Sustainable Community Planning and Economic Development


Session 7A:  Alberta’s Economy 2019: One Thing that Matters a little and five things that Matter a lot.

Session 7B:  Land Use Planning in Proximity to Pipelines – Planning and Land Development Best Practices and Considerations.

Closing Plenary: Planning for Healthy Rural and Small Town Communities Dr. Wayne Caldwell, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development University of Guelph


2017 Conference Presentations

Education Session
“The Latest on the MGA Amendments and Regulations”
“What Does Legalized Medical and Recreational Marijuana Mean for Municipalities?”
Charlotte St. Dennis, Brownlee LLP

Keynote Presentation
“Continuing Challenges faced by Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry”
Chris Montgomery, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

Session 1A
“Obstacles and Opportunities; Water – Food, Floods, and Fire”
Part 1     Part 2
Darwin Durnie and Stephan Weninger, Stantec Consulting

Session 1B
“Dealing With Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Urban Settings”
Deidre Macht, Contract Instructor SAIT, ISO Resource Technologies Inc

Session 2B
"The Role of Municipal Planning Commissons"
Alisha Mody, Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency

Session 3A
“Meeting the Transportation Needs of Seniors in Alberta Communities”
Dr. Bonnie Dobbs and Tara Pidborochynski, University of Alberta

Session 4B
“Planning for Rural Areas – When you’re not under the influence”
Ken Venner and Liisa Tipman, B&A Planning Group

Wednesday Plenary
“College and Community – Working together to Support Community and Economic Development”
Ann Everatt, Northern Lakes College

Closing Plenary
“Cannabis Legalization”
Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat, Health Canada


2016 Conference Presentations

How to Use the “A” Word in Polite Company
The Shift Toward a Collaborative Annexation Process
Michael S. Solowan,Partner, Brownlee LLP

The Latest On the MGA and Regulation Review
Community Planning Association of Alberta
Erin Foster O’Riordan, Director, MGA Review
Michelle Freethy, Team Lead, Planning and Development
Joe Petrie Alberta Minucipal Affairs

The 6 C’s of Inter-Municipal Harmony
A Primer for More Effective Inter-Municipal Development Plans
Harry Harker, FCIP, RPP Practitioner In Residence, University of Calgary

Evolution of Municipal Growth and the Importance of Intermunicipal Collaboration
Nathan Petherick RPP, MCIP, Principal,B&A Planning Group
Lissa Tipman, Associate B&A Planing Group

Understanding Climate Scenarios and Adaptation Planning 
Troy McNeil, B.Sc., P.Eng – McElhanney Consulting
Suzan Lapp, Ph. D – Urban Systems
Climate Change Adaptation: Moving from Risk to Resilience
John Van Der Eerden, M.Eng. P.Eng. – Associated Engineering

Technological Changes & Planning – “What Does it All Mean”
Nick Pryce RPP, MCIP, Director of the Planning Group for V3

Planning for Positive Change: This is not your everyday Operational Plan!
Eleanor Mohammed, MTCP, RPP, MCIP, EP
Director, Planning and Engineering

Rebooting Public Transit in a Small Alberta City
Brad Schultz, Anna Dankewich & Megan Watt with City of Cold Lake

2015 Presentations

Maximizing Development While Minimizing Costs: Strategies for Effective Capital Cost Recovery and Maintenance click on title to view pdf file
Presented by: Lorne I. Randa, Partner, Brownlee LLP

Municipal Infrastructure Asset Management Pilot Project
Golnaz Azimi, M.Sc. Community Infrastructure Consultant Urban Systems

Economic Planning in Alberta’s Newest City, The City of Chestermere

Good Planning = Economic Growth
Ben Petch MCIP, RPP, ICACP, LEED Green Associate
Larry Horncastle, Ec.D.

Maximizing Development While Minimizing Costs:
Strategies for Effective Capital Cost Recovery and Maintenance
Lorne I. Randa Partner, Brownlee LLP

Achieving Regional Planning Outcomes: What does this mean to your municipality
Joannes Wong, RPP, MCIP Municipal Affairs
Eleanor Mohammed, RPP,MICP,EP Land Use Secretariat

The Challenges and opportunities of Land Development and Implementing the Vision
Jordan Davis, P.Eng.
Jason Maurer, P.Eng.

What does this engineering report mean?
Troy McNeill, B.Sc., P.Eng. Manager, Municipal Engineering
Jonathan Schmidt, M.E.Des., RPP, MCIPSenior Community Planner

Who should worry... and who shouldn’t? Alberta Economic Forecast for 2015
Todd Hirsch Chief Economist ATB Financial

Planning for Growth at The City of Calgary
Kathy Dietrich, Manager of Growth Management, City of Calgary

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