Why Join?


We will provide individuals interested in community planning with a place to express their viewpoints and opportunities to network with planners, municipal elected officials and community leaders, and to gather detailed working knowledge about the scope of the planning field. This includes professional planners, development officers and boards and municipal committee members.


We provide groups with a forum to express their views on community planning under provincial legislation, plus a means of province-wide updates on innovative planning projects others may be involved with.


We offer interaction with practising planners, elected officials and community leaders. There is potential to find out about employment opportunities. CPAA and/or its individual members may be of assistance with sourcing of information required for term or thesis projects.

Membership Registration Form

Download a PDF version of the Membership Application Form and send it to the address below.

Membership Fee Schedule for 2024


$25 / year


$100 / year


$250 / year

GST not applicable. We are able to accept cheques, e transfers and or direct deposit payments. Pay online with a credit card here: CPAA Membership Renewals | CPA Alberta

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