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Professional Specialization training Ecological Restoration
7 Sep 2022 to 2 Dec 2022

R 502: Invasive Species and Novel Ecosystems

Upon completing the course, you’ll be able to:

  • identify common invasive species
  • understand their distributions, life cycles, growth habits, reproductive characteristics and adaptation
  • undertake control options including preventative, cultural, biological and chemical control method

This non-credit four-course certificate provides advanced training for professionals working in landscape architecture, landscape design and management, forestry, agrology, biology, mining, ecological restoration, and environmental practice. The ER program is offered fully online so you can meet your annual professional development requirements on your own schedule. Sign up for one course or the entire certificate.


Certificates in Rural Sustainability, Advanced Municipal Leadership and Others
University of Alberta, Augustana Campus in Camrose, AB

For more details on the course or to register, visit us online or contact the Program Coordinator.

Design Matters Lecture Series University of Calgary
University of Calgary


Design Matters is a thought-provoking lecture series, organized by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, which seeks to inspire transformative change. The series brings to Calgary a range of designers, innovators, and thought leaders exploring the edge of design and city building. Lectures are delivered from September to May, and feature provocative speakers who examine the latest ideas in architecture, regional and urban planning, and landscape architecture. The lectures challenge attendees to broaden their thinking on a myriad of issues related to design.  Design Matters engages students, public officials, industry professionals and interested citizens — people who want to learn, understand and address design issues affecting our community.The lectures spark conversations about societal issues by engaging with innovative thinkers. Attendees are encouraged to recognize the important role design plays in our daily lives

Join industry professionals, faculty, students, alumni and people in the community who care about design and building a great city at an upcoming lecture!


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