CPAA Webinar Series

January to April 2022


Understanding Municipal Planning
Its link to Economic Resiliency and How to Make it Work for Your Community

Leading up to the CPAA 2022 conference, May 2 to 4, 2022, the CPAA in partnership with V3 Companies of Canada, is offering a series of webinars for elected officials and administration that focuses on municipal planning in Alberta.  Register now! Webinar dates, topics and agenda click here.


2022 CPAA Conference

May 2-4, 2022


Now What? What's Next? Moving Past an Uncertain Future

You can expect sessions at next year's conference to explore the current world and responses to it from the lenses of community and economic development, technology advances, the current state of the economy, changing infrastructure needs, responsive retrofitting, policy needs and a deeper look into the hierarchy of planning documents and requirements of the planning process among many others. 

Join CPAA, Elected Officials, Planners, Development Officers, Economic Development Officers, and Administrators from across Alberta and beyond. Attend and participate in the conference!


Our mission is to provide opportunities to share, promote and encourage community planning among a full range of stakeholders.

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