Student Conference Scholarships

Deadline March 15th.

This year we are offering 3 scholarships worth $500.00 each, to three undergraduate students from the University of Alberta (School of Urban and Regional Planning), the University of Calgary (School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape), and the University of Lethbridge (Urban and Regional Studies).

To apply, you are being asked to develope a poster (size 11x17) that focuses on CPAA's theme of this year's conference: "Beyond Municipal Borders: COllaboration for Vibrant COmmunities".  For example, here are some ideas for a focus on a poster:

  • Fostering Collaboration: Case studies of successful intermunicipal planning initiatives,
  • Balancing Growth: Strategies for sustainable development along municipal boundaries,
  • From Conflict to Cooperation: Strategies for resolving urban-rural tensions,
  • Reconciliation Through Collaboration: Indigenous engagement and partnerships,
  • Joint Infrastructure Investments: Finding efficiencies through collaboration,
  • Environmental Stewardship: Sustainability achievemnts through regional/intermunicipal Planning (e.g. Water Resouse Managment),
  • Legal and Policy Frameworks for Effective Intermunicipal Planning: Best practices and challenges,
  • Economic Development Opportunities: Maximizing opportunities through joint collaboration,
  • Integrating Trandsprtation Networks: Connecting urban and rural communities through joint servicing,
  • Resolving Zoning and Land Use Conflicts: Tools and techniques for intermunicipal planning,
  • Change Management: Improving municipal processes to facilitate intermunicipal planning,
  • The Future of Intermunicipal Planning: trends and innovations shaping urban rural relations.

You will be welcomed to the CPAA conference at no cost and wish that YOU take 2-3 munites to present your poster.

To be eligible, you must

  • be in a planning related post-secondary program in Alberta
become student members of CPAA at $25.00
be accepted as a student volunteer for the Conference

Scholarship Timeline

March 15- Essay submission deadline

April 30 - Scholarship is awarded

For questions please contact:

Dr. Kyle Whitfield, MCIP, CIP Chair, Scholorship and Awards Committee

[email protected] 

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