2023 Conference Presentations

2023 CPAA Conference May 1 -3, 2023

Preparing for the Unknown: The Intersection of Planning and Politics

Thank you Sponsors, Speakers and Delegates for the success of our conference this year!

If you would like to review the sessions or couldn’t make it to the conference, check out the presentations below!

2023 Conference Program


1A Municipal Strategic Planning on the Frontline of a Political Battle Royale

By Brian Murray, B&A. Lenore Swystun and Samantha Mark, Prairie Wild Consulting


1B Your Development Approval Process: Health Check

By Kristen Harder and Brandy MacInnis, Dillon Consulting Ltd


1D Enhancing Real Estate and Land Use Planning through Urban Farming in AB Municipalities

By Pablo Pina and Liz Barker, SAIT


2B Reimagining the Reservoir: Adapting for the Future to survive in an Evolving World

By Daniel MacGregor, B&A


3B Municipal Councils and Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act: Limits on the Exercise of Discretion

By Kelsey Becker Brookes, Reynolds Mirth Richard & Farmer LLP


4B Affordable and inclusive housing: Perspectives from Stony Plain

By Courtney Laurence, ISL Engineering. Chelseay Rudolph, Town of Stony Plain


P2 Should Alberta Municipalities Embrace Innovative Land Use Bylaws?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


By Kendra Raymond, City of Beaumont. Trevor Illingworth, City of Edmonton. Craig Thomas, City of Fort Saskatchewan.


P3 Planning for the Unknown

By Reeve Paul McLauchlin, RMA. Mayor Cathy Heron, ABmunis. Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler, University of Calgary.



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